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  • 11x14 - $30.00
  • 12x16 - $35.00
  • 16x20 - $60.00
  • 18x24 - $75.00
  • Custom sizes, please call for pricing
Original pieces are also for sale, pricing will vary with the size and detail of the drawing.

Again, call me if you have questions or would like more information. Thanks!


Thank you so much for the AWESOME picture of Kyle #161 that you did for us. The attention to detail is incredible and your artwork has stopped at its final resting place on the wall in the living room of our home. My sister, who by the way is an artist as well, recently came to Texas to visit and was admiring your work. Her response was, “That guy is really talented!” That pretty much says it all. A very sincere thank you.
Steve Wood

The art you did for me turned out GREAT! Every one that sees it comments on how good it is. Thanks Again. It's something I will have forever!
Rich King #80

I was so stoked that Derek chose me for one of his drawings. It was awesome. Great Job Derek!
Ricky Johnson

The artwork Derek did for me is something that will be with my family forever. May God bless your hand for every piece of artwork you do in your life. Thanks buddy.
Steve Wise

Thanks again for the drawing - I can't wait to hang it up with all my other memorabilia!
Donnie "Holeshot" Hansen

The drawing is freaking awesome! I'm hanging it up in my raceroom with all my other race memorabilia.
Ricky Carmichael

Thank you so much for the drawing of my dad. I have it in my office at Racer X right by the bike that he was on in the photo.
Davey Coombs